Dr. Erica Lacher


Dr. Erica Lacher
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Springhill Equine Veterinary Clinic


Springhill Equine Veterinary Clinic
22837 NW 22nd Ave, Newberry, FL, 32669


May 10 2018


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm



Cushing’s PPID Seminar

Do you have an older horse? If so, you need to know about Cushings, PPID, IR, EMS. It’s an alphabet soup that you’ll need a DVM to wade through. You’re in luck! Our two DVMs, Dr. Lacher and Dr. Vurgason, will help you wade through the ups and downs of the confusing, and often contradictory, world of these diseases. Cushings horses can have IR, but maybe not. IR horses can go on to develop Cushings, but not all of them. Some can’t handle any sugar, some get allergies, and some get autoimmune diseases.

In this free seminar, we will teach you the signs to watch out for in your aging horses, what you can expect if your horse does end up with one of these things, and practical tips and tricks to make your horse happier and your life easier. From nutrition to exercise, there are things you can do to help prevent these diseases! Come learn from our team of Doctors and Technicians. We own horses with these problems, so we know first hand the struggles you face every day!