Springhill Equine Veterinary Clinic

Serving Gainesville and North Central Florida with mobile and hospital veterinary care. (352) 472-1620

Springhill Equine Veterinary Clinic

Serving Gainesville and North Central Florida with mobile and hospital veterinary care. (352) 472-1620

Veterinary Care For Horse People, By Horse People

Flexibility – We make farm calls, or you can haul in to our clinic

Accessibility – You can reach us by phone, text, email, or Facebook, and always get a response

Reliability – We always have a Doctor On Call

22837 NW 22nd Ave, Newberry, FL 32669

Springhill Equine

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There are never enough hours in the day, or enough money in the bank, but you still want to provide the very best care for your horse. How do you balance it all?

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We provide the same great care for our pasture pets as we do for our Olympic athletes. Our Wellness plans save you time and money. Let us handle the details so that you can have a great ride!

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  • Sandi Bartolotti Avatar
    Sandi Bartolotti
    positive review 

    Very caring and professional!

    Leigh Ann Roane Avatar
    Leigh Ann Roane
    positive review 

    We switched to Springhill two years ago on the one of our worst nights. Our regular vet couldn't be reached. Not only were we able to reach Springhill immediately, Dr. Lacher was at our farm in about an hour. She... read more

    Linda Everett Avatar
    Linda Everett
    positive review 

    Everything first class had teeth floated and chiropractic work

  • Tiffany Castle Avatar
    Tiffany Castle
    positive review 

    I brought my horse in for a recheck and once again the staff was extremely professional and helpful. They explained things using terminology that I understand and were forthright but not negative about possibilities. Dr Lacher and her assistant... read more

    Terry Scott Avatar
    Terry Scott
    positive review 

    I've been using Dr Latcher for 17 years always happy with all services sevice.

    Ruby Loveday Avatar
    Ruby Loveday
    positive review 

    I was there with 2 horses, in and out in about 30 minutes! I love efficiency as had other tasks to do! I was met at trailer as I pulled in, Blood drawn for Coggins in about 10 minutes,... read more

  • Lisa Sheppard Avatar
    Lisa Sheppard
    positive review 

    The vets and staff at Springhill are outstanding! They are true professionals and run a very efficient medical practice. If you want care that comes from the heart and an amazing degree of knowledge, choose them! They have just saved... read more

    Rachel Morton Avatar
    Rachel Morton
    positive review 

    Very thorough in their diagnosis and work with the client

    Beverly O'Neill Cooper Avatar
    Beverly O'Neill Cooper
    positive review 

    Always a pleasure to deal with and very accommodating.

  • Janis Lee Avatar
    Janis Lee
    positive review 

    They were the only ones to answer I’ll call and come out right away love the place I have a new veterinarian now. Still ain’t heard from my old veterinarian left messages he still ain’t called us back

    Shelly Stephens Avatar
    Shelly Stephens
    positive review 

    I have been using Springhill for over 6 years and wouldn’t trust anyone else with my horses. Highly recommend them to anyone with horses. They are the best and will continue to use them as long as I have horses!

    Chelsi LeeAnn Avatar
    Chelsi LeeAnn
    positive review 

    Dr Abbott is very professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable.

  • Cassie Frausto Avatar
    Cassie Frausto
    positive review 

    amazing work and amazing people ❤ I really appreciate them ❤

    Jasmin Faron Avatar
    Jasmin Faron
    positive review 

    Always excellent, knowledgeable and accommodating. I never have to worry about my boy when he’s in the care of Springhill Equine.

    Nancy Cornwell Avatar
    Nancy Cornwell
    positive review 

    very nice, and willing to take the time to explain things.

  • Cynthia Frost Avatar
    Cynthia Frost
    positive review 

    They care well for our horses and help us to be better horse owners.

    Brandi King Avatar
    Brandi King
    positive review 

    I have nothing but great things to say about Springhill Ewuine. Super knowledgeable doctors and amazing customer service from office staff.

    Debra Bunker-Tillie Avatar
    Debra Bunker-Tillie
    positive review 

    I can’t say enough about my wonderful Docs from Springhill! From Dr. Lacher pulling a fractured front tooth on one horse and Dr. Abbott dealing with lameness on another, not to mention wellness exams!! Best Veterinarians Anywhere! ❤️

  • Debbie McCollum Avatar
    Debbie McCollum
    positive review 

    Dr Lacher and the others are very through with their patients. Excellent lameness vet, chiro, and so much more. Would def recommend them.

    John Scott Estes Avatar
    John Scott Estes
    positive review 

    Enjoy this place and the vets & techs, its obvious they love animals they do wonders to make you and your horses feel welcome. I recommend this clinic to everyone!

    Lisa McDonald Avatar
    Lisa McDonald
    positive review 

    These folks are amazing. Prompt, knowledgeable, reassuring. To a couple of novice horse owners, this injury looked like the end of the road for our boy. They guided us every step of the way, including meeting us after hours to... read more

  • Cherri Coombs Ohmer Avatar
    Cherri Coombs Ohmer
    positive review 

    So excited to have met this team of Veterinarians. Everyone is kind and truly concerned about my equine's needs! Love their teamwork and how they work together harnessing each others professional skills.

    William R Johnson Avatar
    William R Johnson
    positive review 

    Awesome team of Vets and Techs. Dr's Abbott and Lacher and their team of techs are great to work with. Thanks Spring Hill Equine.

    Grace White Avatar
    Grace White
    positive review 

    Dr. Lacher and Dr. York gave me my horse back. We've gone from barely holding it together at training level to schooling second, over the past month, with their care and attention.

  • Elika Otoya Stimpson Avatar
    Elika Otoya Stimpson
    positive review 

    I don’t know what I’d do without these doctors. Thank you, Dr. Latcher and Dr. Abbott! So knowledgeable and they deal with all my silly questions!

    Julie Anne Henderson Avatar
    Julie Anne Henderson
    positive review 

    Great clinic. We had Dr. York today for our yearly check up.

    Scarlett Giesler Avatar
    Scarlett Giesler
    positive review 

    I have had the pleasure of all 3 Vets coming out to work on my horses. Dr. Latcher is great, my mare coliced after foaling and she came out on an emergency call to help get her stabilized. She took... read more

  • Sue Harms Avatar
    Sue Harms
    positive review 

    They are so competent and friendly. They come as quickly as possible when trouble arises. They are so knowledgeable - a conversation leads them to the correct answer to the problem - as born out when the diagnosis is made... read more

    Teresa Brewington Avatar
    Teresa Brewington
    positive review 

    Very friendly and easy to work with

    Samantha Belanger Avatar
    Samantha Belanger
    positive review 

    Scheduled an appointment for my old men to be taken care of today. The Springhill team are super amazing and very friendly!! Thank you for coming all the way to my area and giving me the sense of security for... read more

  • Jordyn Micaela Dolly Avatar
    Jordyn Micaela Dolly
    positive review 

    Love everyone at Springhill! The vets and the techs are always so sweet and helpful!

    Shelley Aerts Avatar
    Shelley Aerts
    positive review 

    Dr. Abbott was wonderful to work with. She took care of my four very young Billie goat kids with care, compassion, and a broad scope of knowledge. The entire staff was very welcoming and friendly. All my questions were answered,... read more

    Kristy Tully Avatar
    Kristy Tully
    positive review 

    We just had our miniature horse gelded there and they did a great job! The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly making it a great experience! Thank you!!!

  • Jenniffer Hoover Avatar
    Jenniffer Hoover
    positive review 

    Absolutely AMAZING... they tried to save the day and did just that ... from how we see it. They came out in the pouring rain, worked with us beneath a tarp in the dark, remained patient and kind while... read more

    Bridgit O'Steen Avatar
    Bridgit O'Steen
    positive review 

    Dr. Abbot and Danielle came out to evaluate and help my choking horse. They were very friendly and informative. Dr. Abbott responds quickly when called even though she had never seen my horses before. I am very appreciative... read more

    Tammy Meyer Avatar
    Tammy Meyer
    positive review 

    Brought our horse in for his coggins today. Great experience our horse was a little nervous but the vet knew just what to do to calm his nerves👍

  • Kimberly Langford Avatar
    Kimberly Langford
    positive review 

    We love the vets and vet technicians at Springhill Equine Vet Clinic in Newberry ! They are truly the best!!!!Efficient,caring and always pleasant!

    Karen McInnis Eadie Avatar
    Karen McInnis Eadie
    positive review 

    Always available, great communication and aways treat you with care.

    Shelley Koontz Avatar
    Shelley Koontz
    positive review 

    very reliable. resourceful, caring, and honest

  • Trish Whitehurst Avatar
    Trish Whitehurst
    positive review 

    Spring Hill Equine are amazing! Came out to my house the day I called to check on my sweet baby donkey!

    Stefanie Bates Avatar
    Stefanie Bates
    positive review 

    Quick to respond and very helpful. Love the podcasts! 🙂

    Heather Amber Cave-Bacom Avatar
    Heather Amber Cave-Bacom
    positive review 

    I needed a quick coggins. They came out the same day and were done with 2 horses in 30 mins and I should have my coggins by the end of the week. Can’t get any better service than that! Everyone... read more

  • Leah Honaker Avatar
    Leah Honaker
    positive review 

    Wonderful vets, assisted with my senior horses bloodwork and teeth!

    Tammie Dagley Johns Avatar
    Tammie Dagley Johns
    positive review 

    Very kind and helpful! We appreciate them for taking good care of our horse!

    Shawn Henderson Avatar
    Shawn Henderson
    positive review 

    This is hands down the best Equine clinic in the state.


Springhill Equine. Veterinary Care for Horse People, by Horse People.

(352) 472-1620