At Springhill Equine, we believe that the more you know about your horse, the better care you can provide, and that means a better life. We strive to provide educational resources for all horse owners, and that includes making videos, hosting free monthly seminars at our clinic, the Tuesdays with Tony blog, producing our own podcast, and talking with our clients and answering questions.

Here are just a few of our videos. For the full video library, please visit our YouTube Channel.


Horse feed is complicated, but Dr. Lacher breaks down the basic ingredients and explains the difference between different types of feed.

If you’re dealing with your first hoof abscess, getting the foot wrapped can be tough! Dr. Vurgason demonstrates a simple but effective process for wrapping a foot so that it stays wrapped and doesn’t look like your toddler did it!

Treating eye ulcers is critical for your horse’s health, but they aren’t always willing patients. In this video, Dr. Lacher demonstrates some techniques for safely and effectively applying eye ointment.

Holding your horse sounds easy enough, but holding your horse for the veterinarian is a whole different thing. Watch here to learn what your vet needs from you!

This video explains how to add water to your horse’s grain. We call it Colic Soup, as it’s often prescribed to horses who have just had a colic event.

This video is a variety of insights about trailering, from loading and hauling to trailer types and things to consider when trailer shopping.

Check out our YouTube Channel for our full (and always growing) video library!