We at Springhill Equine (by we I mean Tony, and of course the other staff and Doctors), want to take a moment to wish all of our wonderful clientele a very happy and peaceful holiday and joyous transition into the new year!

We are very excited to start seeing our Wellness patients (new and old!) for their first visits! In addition, the staff, in particularly Dr. King, is ecstatic to be coming into breeding season.  She is ready for sleepless nights, bouncing foals, and the reward of pregnancy (for the mare)!! The year of 2012 promises to bring many exciting events for Springhill, continuing our old traditions, refining our current favorites, and adding new features to our packages and services. We can’t wait to see what new faces and old come through our doors this year!

The year of 2011 was a great one for Springhill as well, despite a rocky ending. An overall successful breeding season ended with the addition of Dr. King and our technician Danielle. Our other technician, Amber, moved into our office manager position, and has done a great job as our clinic crusader – along with our staff handling everything from answering your calls, preparing medications, and keeping your reminder cards coming! Our current team was complete with the addition of Michelle, who has worked for a long standing Springhill client for many, many years!  The overall excitement of the Springhill team, however, was sadly dashed to the ground in November when a tragic attack left me crippled for the remainder of the year. Hopefully the morale of the group will peak up a bit after my cast is removed in 2012.

Thanks for being loyal readers of my blog in 2011, and please help me come up with ideas of what you want to read about in 2012!  Feel free to email blog ideas to the clinic, vets@springhillequine.com.  I’m feeling quite comatose from all these cookies that you have been bringing by the office (THANK YOU!!!!!) – so I think I am going to tuck in for a warm winter’s nap and hibernate until 2012!!  May your litter box be clean until then, and your food bowl be exceptionally, holiday full!  See you next year!


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