Equine TeleMedicine is here! This is an exciting advance in equine veterinary care, both for veterinarians and for horse owners. After all, not everything requires a doctor visit! Sometimes a picture or a video accompanied by a phone call is sufficient. This saves you time and money, and that’s a rare thing with horses!

What Can Telemedicine Be Used For?

  • Minor lacerations
  • Eye injuries
  • Lameness
  • Skin issues
  • Suspected colic
  • Suspected neuro behavior
  • Suspected chokes
  • Rechecks
  • Much more!

How It Works

Springhill Equine has teamed up with Medici. Medici provides a HIPAA-compliant app that you download on your phone. Once you get set up on the app, you can securely send us pictures, video, and text through the app. If the veterinarian decides that your horse needs to be seen in person, $50 of the $65 telemedicine fee will be credited towards your visit! Click here to go to Medici’s website with links to the app.

How Much Does It Cost?

A Telemedicine Consult is $65. That doesn’t mean you’ll be charged every time you talk to the doctor, don’t worry! And if your horse needs to be seen by the vet, you’ll get a $50 credit applied from your telemedicine consult to your visit.

Who Is Eligible For TeleMedicine?

You must be a current client of Springhill Equine. Your horse must have been seen for a physical or vaccine exam within the last 12 months. (Coggins visit doesn’t count!) Some special situations may require a more recent visit.

Check out our video for tips on making a great telemedicine video on your phone!

Questions? Trouble getting the app on your phone? Give us a call! (352) 472-1620