As a cat I’m pretty much a loner.  I understand you humans are what is known as a social creature.  You like to be around other humans who like the same stuff you like.  I guess I can relate.  Teannie and I both enjoy the chair in the inventory room so sometimes we hang out on it together.  Where am I going with this? We did a survey of the humans who come to Springhill Equine recently.  We found you guys like to do stuff with your horses.  And a lot of you like to do the same stuff.

Turns out about 80% of you do something athletic with your horses.  It’s about evenly split between barrel racing, dressage, trail riding, and hunter/jumper, along with strong representation by western dressage, breed shows (from Arabians to Paso Fino), eventing, and driving.  You guys also simply enjoy the company of your horse.  Many of you have horses for companionship (I really think a cat would be a better choice but that’s just me) or are giving your horses the retirement you dream of for yourself.  Anyway you are a diverse group!

My minions are a pretty diverse group too.  We have Dr. Lacher and Dr. Vurgason showing in the hunter/jumper circles, MJ representing at the barrel races, Kayla and her horse are working on a career choice, Beth enjoys trail riding and hanging out with her horses (and minis), Nancy does western dressage and obstacle challenges, and last, but not least, Stephanie enjoys pampering her horse and an occasional saunter around the pasture.  Whew we sure do keep busy with a variety of horse activities!

Why does all this matter? Well to start, it means my minions are a part of the big, huge (though shockingly interconnected) horse community.  It means if you’ve got a problem, my minions have a broad knowledge base to pull from.  And they don’t look at your horse as a motorcycle with hooves.  They eat, sleep, breathe horses.  It means they know you have goals, even if it’s that your horse has the longest, most comfortable retirement they can.  It also means, they will sit and “talk horse” with you.  They tell me you’re never too old to learn more about horses.

Looking for something to do with your horse? We can point you in a direction.  Heck just this weekend, I had people at the Cops for Cancer benefit trail ride and a hunter/jumper show at Canterbury.  I’ve got my paw on the pulse of stuff to do with horses!  You horse people are a passionate lot and at the end of the day, even this cat is happy to be a small part of the horse community.