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What am I doing you ask? Getting ready for Open House 2015 on Saturday from 10am to 2pm.

That’s right it’s time for our Annual Come Meet Tony Festival. Some people in the office call it our Open House. Call it what you want but I know everyone really comes to see me. I like to give back to you, my adoring fans. We are giving away a Complete Wellness Package for 2016, polo wraps, pallet art, hats, sweatshirts, baskets of goodies, and more. Of course there will be food (if you share it with me don’t tell since they have me on this crazy diet for my diabetes), if you want to talk to my staff I will allow it, and there will be all kinds of cool stuff to learn.

While not supervising preparations for the Open House on Saturday between 10am and 2pm I have been watching over Dr. Vurgason. We sent Dr. Lacher off on what some say was a well deserved vacation so I had to take over all management duties. Luckily for her Dr. Vurgason does a great job so I only had to watch from my perch on the desk. Dr. V rechecked our horse who fell through the trailer. He is looking great thanks to my regular CAT scans. Along with vaccines, dentals, fecals, and the general routine stuff, Dr. V. sutured up a great eyelid laceration. Those are always fun!

In case I haven’t mentioned it yet we are having an Open House on Saturday from 10am to 2pm. Be there or incur the wrath of a black cat!

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