Tuesdays with Tony:
   I must say, it’s a bit nippy outside! Be that as it may, don’t even think about putting a space heater in your barn to keep little Snowflake warm. Turns out, the majority of barn fires are caused by heating equipment! In fact, only 3% of barn fires are caused by an animal. It stands to reason, then, that the other 97% are caused by stupid humans. Surprise, surprise.
   Does your barn aisle looks like Home Depot was having a sale on extension cords? Is there so much dust on your fluorescent lightbulbs that you can’t see to tell apart your hunter green and navy blue turnout sheets? If so, you are not alone. Which brings me to the 2nd most common cause of barn fires: electrical and lighting equipment!
   Barn fires are an all too common reality. They are always tragic, mostly because they are almost always preventable. Dr. Lacher and Dr. Vurgason want you and your horses to be safe! Therefore, Springhill Equine is throwing an exciting come-see-Tony event entitled, Barn Fire Prevention: Addressing Life Safety Issues at your Facility. Our guest speaker will be Aaron Vurgason of Oak Ridge Electric. Aaron is a licensed electrician, and holds certifications in arson investigation, electrical safety, fire safety, building automation/control systems, and most importantly he’s Dr. V’s husband, so he’s cool in my book.
   Don’t miss me, err I mean the talk about Barn Fire Prevention, on Thursday, February 11th at 6:30pm, right here at Springhill Equine! And before you decide to hang a heat lamp directly over Snowflake’s hay rack, ask yourself if it’s worth it, and maybe just throw an extra blanket on her instead. Stay warm in your kitty houses!

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