Tuesday’s With Tony – Hay Seminar

I have decided a contest is in order. I have also decided this hashtag thing is here to stay. Furthermore, I have scheduled an opportunity for my adoring fans to come see me and learn about hay this evening at 6:30 pm at the Clinic. Put all that together and you come up with: Put a post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with ‪#‎SpringhillEquine‬ and you at our Hay Seminar. On Wednesday I will choose one lucky hashtagger to win an awesome prize package. So attend the Hay Seminar, #SpringhillEquine while you are here, bribe the cat to pick you, and win an awesome prize. The most important part is the cat bribery. I am very picky. I like meat, preferably tuna or turkey.

In other fun around here we just started with a new online pharmacy. Why is this exciting for the cat? It isn’t really, other than the humans had a training session on it and I got to stand in front of the screen and push random keys on the keyboard. That was a seriously good time. Prescriptions have been a bit of a trial for us. Our Doctors are all for prescriptions but it turns out most places just aren’t very good at it. We get faxed a prescription, our Doc signs it, sends it back, we get faxed again, we sign again, they lose it again. It’s a vicious circle. As it turns out, some of the catalogs don’t use properly labeled drugs. It all just ends up being a mess. So in an effort to make life easier we are using a new and improved pharmacy: Vet’s First Choice

It’s super easy to get to: http://springhillequine.com/ and the button at the top left corner. Simply press the button and you will go to our pharmacy. They offer free shipping on lots of different items and you can use the coupon code WELCOME25 on your first order for $25 off. Check it out and let us know what you think.