Sooo, let me start by saying, I am the star of this show! ME, Tony, that’s why they call it Tuesdays with Tony. The humans ran around here all last week talking about some event happening on Saturday. It sounded like it was going to be an exciting time and I was looking forward to meeting a multitude of people with some really strange names.

Saturday Mallie came in to poke and feed me yeah….that was the highlight of my day. However, there was nothing going on here at the clinic. She said she had to be off and running to go to a thing called a Wedding? WHAT you say? (Yes my response exactly). Seems our infamous Dr Lacher got married and that was the event of the day!

Now why am I so upset about this? Because I am supposed to be the star of the show around here (at least that is what they keep telling me) and from what I hear, Dr Lacher and Justin stole the day away! Then there was Gandolf (preacher), Lara Croft (Dr Lacher) and King Arthur (Justin). I hear they said some pretty awesome vows to each other devoting their love, friendship, future and happiness together.

I found it very curious that she climbed a tree and descended down upon her guests and groom with her Maid of Honor Michele the spider, while King Arthur galloped to his lovely bride to be with Kristen the Jedi Knight.

There were many other guests that arrived to witness this wonderful event: Curious George and his Handler, Juno and Bleeker, Batman and Robin, Mork, Indiana Jones, Luke Skywalker, Caesar and The Fairy God Mother, Elmo and Cookie Monster, Dr Who #10, Fred and Wilma, Bonnie and Clyde and the list just goes on. How I would have loved to have met all these people. But no,
I spent my Saturday napping instead of enjoying the festivities as you can see from the picture of the Springhill Staff Members.

I heard that it was a good time had by all and congratulations are in order for our good Dr! I did get to see the pictures of this amazing event and very happy for them and their turnout.

Now I hear, I will be upstaged again in a couple of weeks by Baby Vurguson…..

Please join me in congratulating them both! (I need my food bowl full)

Springhill Equine Staff at Dr. Lacher wedding

Left to Right: Charly, Mallie, Beth, Dr. Vurgason, Dr. Lacher, Justin, Nancy, and Renee

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