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     Happy New Year everyone! It’s that time of year again for me to help you with your New Year’s Resolutions. But don’t worry, my resolutions are way easier than trying to go to the gym every day or stick to the Keto diet. These resolutions are sure to make for a happy horse and an even happier horse mom or dad!

Sign up for a Wellness Plan

Yes, I know this is on my list every year. But that’s because it’s really, really important! All of Springhill’s Wellness packages go by calendar year, so now is the time to renew your horses for 2019. Also, if you are interested in our convenient monthly payment option, your horses MUST be signed up be January 15th to be eligible.

Do you remember all the perks that come along with your annual Wellness package? Two visits a year including all necessary vaccines, physical exams, Coggins, and fecal egg counts, plus an annual dental float with sedation included. NO EMERGENCY FEES for the entire year for any horses on a Wellness plan. Not to mention you get a really cute and clever T-shirt when you sign up (while supplies last)! While having your horse on Wellness is a huge money saver, the docs tell me that the true value of our Wellness packages lies in the bi-annual exams and the oral exam with every dental float. By having your vet give your horse a thorough once-over at least every 6 months, problems are identified early and can be treated before they become a major concern.

We offer 3 tiers of wellness plans so you can choose the one that best suits your horse’s needs. The Performance plan is ideal for anyone planning to compete or travel regularly in the year ahead. This plan includes a third visit to make sure your horse’s immunity against contagious diseases is kept in high gear. A third exam by one of our veterinarians also offers another opportunity for issues such as mild lameness, skin problems, or weight loss to be corrected before it derails your competition plans.

The Weekend Warrior plan is great for horses that mostly stay at home, but that plan on occasionally traveling to horse shows, barrel races, trail rides, or anywhere else they may come in contact with other horses. This plan includes vaccination against flu and rhinopneumonitis, the most common contagious upper respiratory diseases of horses.

The Pasture Pet plan is designed for the homebodies who spend their days mowing the grass and generally looking adorable. They may be riding horses that never leave the farm, or pets whose main purpose is being a cute pasture ornament. It’s still important to keep these guys healthy and protected against diseases that can be transmitted by mosquitoes and wildlife.

Once you have picked the plan that’s right for you, there are 3 super-easy ways to sign up. You can sign up online either on your phone or computer, in person at the office or during a vet visit, or by mail. If your horse had a 2018 Wellness plan, just call the office and tell my minions you would like to renew it for 2019. Easy as pie! Wait, what makes pie easy? Easy as catching a toy mouse!

Attend all of my Seminars

Did you know that I hold seminars here at the clinic just about every month? These are free opportunities for you to come and learn something new about your horse, or horses in general. Topics range from breeding, to feet, to senior care, to vaccines, to you name it! Seriously, if you have an idea for a seminar topic that you would be interested in, make sure to let one of my peeps know. Certain topics will be brought back by popular demand, but we are always open to new ideas.

Dr. Lacher, Dr. Vurgason, and Dr. Abbott are full of useful information, and we love to pick their brains. Nonetheless, we often bring in guest speakers for our seminars to hear their valued input on their areas of expertise. We recently had Dr. Samantha Brooks speak on the topic of equine genetics, and we will have Etalon diagnostics joining us for our Breeding Seminar on January 10th!

My monthly seminars are always free and open to the public. They are usually held here at the clinic on Thursday nights. The best way to find out about our upcoming seminars and other events is through our Facebook page, so make sure you ‘like’ and ‘follow’ Springhill Equine Veterinary Clinic. Committing to stop by once a month for a great educational opportunity is an easy resolution to keep for 2019!

Listen to my Podcast

 One of my 2018 resolutions was to start recording a Podcast, aptly named Straight from the Horse Doctor’s Mouth. After all, my goal is to make the world a better place for horses. Well, that resolution was a success, so now you reap the benefit of listening to Dr. Lacher, Justin Long, and various guest speakers talk about numerous topics of interest to horse people! Topics thus far have included donkeys, flies, boots, ulcers, allergies, lameness, eyes, fat horses, vaccines, and many more. Again, if you have a suggestion for a podcast topic, feel free to pass it on to one of my little helpers!

Podcasts are a fun avenue for spreading horse knowledge around the world. You can listen to them anytime, anywhere, on your phone, at home, in the car on a road trip… you choose! Just download Straight from the Horse Doctor’s Mouth, or listen on our website. If you stick to this New Year’s Resolution, you will learn more than you ever knew you didn’t know about horses!

Well, Happy New Year to all my followers and friends! I hope 2019 brings you peace, joy, and of course, horses.


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