Tuesdays with Tony

As you can see, I’m having to rest up from the past week. Not only did I have to supervise the doctors this week but I spent a lot of time watching the phones. I don’t answer them. I only watch them, from behind closed eyes. I’m not really in to helping people when they call so I just don’t answer. Besides managing the front desk, I assisted with quite a few fecal parasite egg counts this week. I enjoy sitting on the counter assisting in any way I can while Beth, Nancy, or Charly perform these really import tests. Basically they take a bit of poop, mix it with some stuff, centrifuge it, let it sit for a while, then count how many worm eggs they see. Apparently this tells them how often horses should get dewormed. They tell me most people deworm too often and their counts are generally very low indicating twice yearly deworming. I pretend to listen while they tell me this. It makes the humans feel more important than they actually are.

I have really enjoyed the crypt-orchid (testicle stayed too high and had to be dug out) surgeries we seem to be making a habit of on Mondays. The doctors said the last two had both their testicles in the abdomen which seemed to make them excited. They said it’s relatively rare to have this happen. I felt they should scratch behind my ears while they told me all this. Luckily both horses had great owners since these horses could easily have been passed on as geldings to some unsuspecting person.

Coby has required a lot of intense management from the cat. Last week Dr. Lacher and Dr. Vurgason put amnion on his wounds. This is a specific part of the placenta which is resistant to infection, has anti-pain properties, and helps the wound heal with growth promoters. I must admit even the cat is impressed. We did this last week and again yesterday. I have attached some pictures so you guys can see what a little cat supervision gets done. I am pretty darn impressive. By simply watching I have really gotten this wound healing well.

One final word of wisdom from the cat: vaccinate your horses. We have Eastern Encephalitis in the area. The vaccine is about the cheapest thing you can do and is nearly 100% effective. When Springhill Equine gives it you have a guarantee from the manufacturer. If your horse gets encephalitis they will cover treatment costs. Vaccinating for encephalitis is about as sure a thing as finding me taking a nap in a sunbeam.