If I weren’t a cat I would send my most profound apologies for not getting Tuesdays with Tony written on Tuesday.  Luckily, as a cat, I don’t really care.  I have my reasons.  It has been a crazy week.  First there was rain, rain, rain and a temperature drop.  I hate rain.  I love to wander around my kingdom here at Springhill Equine and monitor all the activity.  I do not love getting wet thus when it rains I’m stuck inside.  The only joy on rainy days is making people repeatedly open the door just so I can see if it is still raining.

With all the rain and weather change, Dr. Lacher and Dr. Vurgason were kept busy seeing colicky horses.  People who study these things, they like the fancy title epidemiologist, say weather changes don’t cause colic.  I suppose they are correct in some ways.  Weather changes cause horses to get off their routine and routine changes make upset horse stomachs and upset horse stomachs make Springhill Equine come out for a visit.  That’s why our Docs recommend a little salt, some added water, and some alfalfa or peanut hay during dramatic weather changes.  It also helps to chase the horses around for a few minutes to get their gut moving.  Us cats are designed to sleep 18 hours daily.  It’s a benefit to being a top of the line predator.  Horses need to move around to keep their gut going.  What do they do on a rainy day? Stand under a tree or shelter and pout.

Monday was good.  The day was pretty. I got to sleep in the sun in the middle of the driveway and have people drive around me.  I greeted a few folks as they came in to the office.  I made my rounds of the property.  I liked Monday.

Tuesday was looking good.  The weather was nice.  We have a veterinary student, Bianca, who followed directions nicely and scratched all the places I wanted scratched.  Dr. Lacher was excited because she got to do a castration.  Then the neighbor drove by with a contraption and the day went down from there.  First, Renee wouldn’t let me go supervise the neighbor while he worked on the road with what she called a backhoe.  I feel this is the exact moment when things took a turn for the worse.  Because I wasn’t supervising the human, he cut our phone line.  This led to several moments of panic from Renee and Dr. Lacher.  Dr. Vurgason was having a great time celebrating her husband’s birthday at Disney so she was immune from all this.  Moments later I learned that someone called AT&T is a source of much yelling and screaming from the humans.  I don’t know much about this AT&T but I think they may be the spawn of Satan.  Luckily we have some great local people who are affiliated with this AT&T and they were able to temporarily fix our phone lines.

Whew what a week!  As a present to myself to recover from this week I’m going to allow folks to sign up for Wellness 2016 for one more week.  That’s right you have until February 10th to sign up! You won’t find a better deal for your horse.  I really don’t understand why everyone hasn’t signed up.