Tuesdays with Tony

A weekly blog for horse owners written by Tony, the official Springhill Equine Veterinary Clinic office cat.

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Horse Behavior

Tuesdays with Tony  In case you missed my fabulous See Tony event last week, I will generously give you a recap. Dr. Wickens did a wonderful job summarizing all things Behavior for you horse-crazy humans. Also, I learned that horses like banana flavor 😳. Biology:...

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The Ideal Hoof

Tuesdays with Tony I’m going to revive a classic Tuesdays with Tony here: The April 2015 Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Your Horse’s Feet. I'll post a link to this at the bottom, don't worry! I hear the Docs talking about feet a lot so it must be important....

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Hot, Hairy Horses

Tuesdays with Tony Why is my horse growing his winter coat already?? Horses are weird. I say that a lot, because it’s true. I was checking out a horse that was hanging out at the Clinic with Teannie and I over the weekend, and noticed he was growing his winter coat....

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Summer Sores

Tuesdays with Tony It's a wound, it's a tumor, no wait...it's a summer sore! The docs have been reporting a lot of these ugly things recently. Maybe it's the weather we've been having. Maybe it's just the fact that we are lucky enough to live in glorious Florida!!...

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Tuesdays with Tony – Ulcers

  I don't know if you've heard, but we have a pretty exciting event coming up this Thursday, September 7th at 6:30pm! Our very own Dr. Lacher will be telling the world everything they ever wanted to know about stomach ulcers in horses! I'm more than a little ticked...

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Tuesdays with Tony – Ernie’s Colic part 1

Many of you know that in a recent ploy to get more attention, Dr. Lacher’s horse, Ernie, decided he’d like to have colic surgery. I interviewed Dr. Lacher to get all the details about her fun evening with Ernie. Read on for this fascinating interview with one of my...

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Tuesdays with Tony – Mushy Feet

Mushy Feet My, we have been getting a lot of rain around here lately! As you know, cats are not too fond of water. As if that isn't enough of a reason to be concerned about the rain, daily thunderstorms plus high humidity equals muddy pastures; a recipe for disaster...

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