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A weekly blog for horse owners written by Tony, the official Springhill Equine Veterinary Clinic office cat.

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Green Grass and Laminitis

Tuesdays with TonyTeanie and I have been watching the Winter Olympics nightly. I have even been inspired to try my hand at luge down the hallway at the Clinic. It looks like napping because there’s no slope, but I’m hard at work practicing proper technique. In the...

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Equine Genetics

Tuesdays with Tony Equine Genetics Boy, did I get schooled on Thursday when Dr. Brooks came to speak at our Genetics Seminar! I always considered myself a pretty smart cat, but I may have been knocked off my pedestal by that presentation. The information Dr. Brooks...

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21st Century Horse Shoes

Tuesdays with TonyI’m going to let you in on a little secret: every few months my Docs and a bunch of farriers get together and spend a few hours learning from each other about the wild, weird world of horse shoes and feet. I think this is a great idea since I get an...

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Breeding and Foaling

Tuesdays with TonyBreeding & Foaling Thank you to everyone who came out to my Breeding Seminar last Thursday. You didn't see me because I was inside. In my bed. Where it was warm. Obviously. Why would I go out in the freezing cold to huddle around a space heater just...

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Let’s Get Ready For Foals!

Tuesdays with TonyFoal season is almost here!!! There, I pretended baby horses excite me. They don’t. Everyone brings in pictures of the babies after their Well Baby Checks. Then there is oohh-ing and ahh-ing over them. And “Oh look at the chrome!” and “Wowza, that...

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Tuesdays with TonyI found a hoof pick in the Clinic the other day. Upon inquiry to my humans, I learned what this odd thing was for. Apparently not only do horses not groom themselves, they also require you humans to clean their feet. Seriously, clean their feet!?!? I...

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New Years Resolutions and Horses

Tuesdays with Tony  Ahh a new year, another chance to make your dreams come true! 2018 offers us each the opportunity to start fresh, to turn over a new leaf. I know you horse-crazy cats pretty well by now, and I bet I can guess some of your New Years resolutions. For...

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The Curse Of Knowledge

Tuesdays with TonyMy humans have been worrying about the future a lot this week. The weather people say it’s going to get cold (no one seems to remember how often they’re wrong), and with cold weather comes colicky horses. That got me thinking, so this week I asked...

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Horse Tech

Tuesdays with Tony Let me begin by saying I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday. What more could a cat ask for than shiny things on a tree followed by empty boxes and wadded up paper? I realize you humans have lots of holidays, for lots...

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