Tuesdays with Tony

A weekly blog for horse owners written by Tony, the official Springhill Equine Veterinary Clinic office cat.

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Tuesdays with TonyI found a hoof pick in the Clinic the other day. Upon inquiry to my humans, I learned what this odd thing was for. Apparently not only do horses not groom themselves, they also require you humans to clean their feet. Seriously, clean their feet!?!? I...

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New Years Resolutions and Horses

Tuesdays with Tony  Ahh a new year, another chance to make your dreams come true! 2018 offers us each the opportunity to start fresh, to turn over a new leaf. I know you horse-crazy cats pretty well by now, and I bet I can guess some of your New Years resolutions. For...

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The Curse Of Knowledge

Tuesdays with TonyMy humans have been worrying about the future a lot this week. The weather people say it’s going to get cold (no one seems to remember how often they’re wrong), and with cold weather comes colicky horses. That got me thinking, so this week I asked...

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Horse Tech

Tuesdays with Tony Let me begin by saying I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday. What more could a cat ask for than shiny things on a tree followed by empty boxes and wadded up paper? I realize you humans have lots of holidays, for lots...

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Eye Injuries

Tuesdays with TonyAs we get into the Christmas spirit, it seems horses can sense the strain on your wallet from all that shopping. As a cat I’m a little more conscientious about such things, of course, but horses get some sort of evil pleasure from making their owners...

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Let’s Go Horse Show!

Tuesdays with TonyI hear this thing called 'competition season' is approaching. As a cat, I compete with no one. I am perfection, and I know it. However, I understand things are different in your world. You humans have a thing called horse shows, where you compete for...

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Poisonous Plants

Tuesdays with TonyPoisonous Plants Plants are delicious. Who doesn’t love to chow down on a plant the humans have carefully placed for decorative purposes? I know I do. I have learned, however, that not all plants are safe for eating. This rule applies to cats, dogs,...

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Tuesdays with TonyThe docs have seen a lot of fencing-related injuries recently, so I have been tasked with educating you humans about the best way to keep your horses safely where you want them. Cats, as a rule, don’t exactly have boundaries, so I’m not sure I’m the...

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Do you REALLY want to buy a horse?

Tuesdays with Tony It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas horse shopping season. Three words: DON’T DO IT! Read on for wise words of wisdom from this cat before you buy a horse at Christmas time. Know the cost Just like there are no free lunches, there are...

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